At Renewal Rehab, we are committed to maintaining an environment which strictly adheres to the laws and regulations governing the provision of healthcare services. Our enhanced compliance program monitors the quality of successful patient outcomes, along with full guidelines for other policies and procedures.

Core Strengths

Renewal Rehab takes a multi-pronged approach to the compliance process:

Integrated Processes

The rehabilitation compliance program at Renewal Rehab integrates every process and includes prevention, detection, training/education, monitoring carryover/compliance, and deterrence/progressive disciplinary actions. We also refine our tools and processes in response to industry changes. Our guiding principles come from federal, state and local laws and regulations, internal policies and procedures as well as company expectations. The strong company culture at Renewal Rehab projects an expectation of ethics, integrity, patient-centered care and quality of care that new hires assimilate into very easily and quickly. Our high employee retention rate supports successful implementation and carryover of compliance initiatives.

Customer Resources

Renewal Rehab’s compliance program has an established ADR/denial management support service for customers. This includes a HIPAA-secure documentation portal and regular communication with key players to ensure a faster turn-around time with a high success rate, as well as webinar training and assistance with establishing streamlined processes, as needed. Renewal Rehab remains a source of information for industry changes. Our compliance team stays abreast of a rapidly changing and complex regulatory landscape with timely education and dissemination of information to therapists and customers.

Audit Program

The compliance audit program identifies opportunities for education in coding, billing, skilled documentation, technical documentation, length of stay, medical necessity, RUG utilization/accuracy, and other payer requirements; including targeted audits, data analysis and risk assessment with prompt response to Operational and Clinical areas needing attention. The compliance post-audit program includes strategic company trainings and team-specific training/education that is designed to provide all team members with tools to close the gaps in non-compliance found on their specific audits.