why do we care

We care because we are your neighbors.

Renewal Rehab provides therapy services throughout the region. We have a deep understanding of cultural nuances and sensitivities from the many different cultures in the area. Our localized attention provides us with an understanding of the communities within our area of focus.

We care because we believe in our patients.

At Renewal Rehab, we use an interdisciplinary approach which produces excellent clinical outcomes. Our comprehensive services are rehabilitative, with a strong component of health and fitness education.  The comprehensive team works together for a fully integrated, patient-centered approach.

We care because you have other things to do.

The administration of a nursing home is an all-consuming position. Renewal Rehab is a fully operational service, available to provide rehabilitative services in a smooth and worry free manner. Our services offer maximum benefits to patients, with a minimal outlay from each facility. Renewal Rehab’s programming provides a full spectrum of resources, thereby enhancing the service offerings and marketability for each facility.